June 16, 2024

1 thought on “Opinion: Why USFL Hubs must go

  1. Hello Jesse,
    I enjoyed reading your commentary.
    I was a season ticket holder for the STARS in 83 and 84. Why not? Not a big baseball fan so nine game for $75 was a no brainer. I watched the
    first USFL game on ABC (i think) somebody at Denver Gold at it was a snowy game…being February. Anyway, Stars would have 20-30k fans and it
    was great.
    I went to the Championship Game last year in Canton. A good atmosphere. Lots of fans for each team, and lots of locals who said they just loved football.
    I would love to see the Stars playing locally next year, but i wonder where they could play. I don’t think the Linc would have em…. tho I could be wrong.
    The Union stadium….maybe. Villanova Stadium….aint been there in almost 20 years (Barrage Lacrosse) and it aint a pro football stadium.
    Franklin Field? well, that would be awesome…a great place to watch football. hmmmmm

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